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Why is our blog entitled .exe?

If you have ever downloaded a new program to your PC, you have probably noted the program file has a .exe filename extension. The .exe extension tells us that this is an executable file. An executable file is a computer file that contains instructions in a form that your computer’s operating system or application can understand and follow. Computers must use executable files to carry out all the tasks that you give to them. In addition to the executable program, many .exe files contain other components called resources. Most technology professionals caution users about clicking on .exe files from unknown and untrusted sources because the coded instructions might potentially include dangerous malware.

We endeavor to become one of your trusted and reliable sources, and just like a .exe file, we will use this blog to provide clear guidance to direct you to relevant trends and best practices for managing, communicating and learning in your enterprise.  The resources that we share here are intended to spur discussion and reflection, help you to execute, improve performance and ultimately increase your bottom line!

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